MinesEye - Demining

Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression, the enemy has seized more than 20% of Ukraine's territory. Much of these territories are contaminated by landmines after liberation. We decided not to stand aside.

Our solutions

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Aeromagnetic surveys

We have developed a unique UAV-based magnetic survey system. The system is designed for large areas, so it is best suited for agricultural fields or archaeological sites.

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MinesEye suspension system

The goal of our foundation is to help demining Ukraine as soon as possible. That is why we have created a suspended system for aeromagnetic surveying for agricultural drones.

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UAV-based integrated system

This system has all the advantages of suspended equipment for agrodrones, but is significantly optimized.


    ● Helping the defenders of UkraineProject status: ActiveType of activity: Charity
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    Body armorProject status: CompletedType of activity: Semi-commercial
    Responding to the need for protective equipment at the beginning of a large-scale war, our team turned to Polish armor manufacturers and arranged for the supply of high-quality bulletproof vests to Ukraine.Read more