We are engaged in socially useful activities in the fight against russian aggression

As part of this, we are running several projects

Our tasks

International support

Building state and international support for Ukraine's fight against Russian military aggression

Coordination of activities

Support and coordination of the activities of non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, and assistance for activists and volunteers on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border

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Development of relations with the EU

Development of relations between the EU and Ukrainian communities

Rebuilding Ukraine

Elaboration and dissemination of the agenda related to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, its transformation and accession to the EU

Consolidation of resources

Receiving assistance from donors and allocating it for the above purposes

Charitable assistance

Organization of humanitarian and charitable assistance

Our sponsors



The State Emergency Service of Ukraine


Subbotin Institute of Geophysics


Demining of Ukraine


Culver Aviation


Lukasiewicz ILOT


T&A Survey


Wroclaw Uniwersity of Science and Technology


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Postup Foundation

This is a word of Polish origin that is also used in Ukrainian to describe evolutionary development. We believe that strengthening cooperation between Ukraine, Poland, and other EU countries will accelerate Ukraine's progressive development and transformation.

Our story

After Russia started a full-scale war against Ukraine, we could not stand aside and started helping our defenders. During the first two weeks of the aggression, we made 5 rides to the border with protective equipment and humanitarian aid.

As a result of talking to the volunteers, we were able to understand the major needs and decided to focus on bulletproof vests. We were able to find a supplier of certified armor plates, Polish military who volunteered to help us with testing, and Polish entrepreneurs who created excellent conditions for the manufacturing of the final product. Within a month, we were able to produce, deliver to Ukraine and find end users for more than 1,200 plates or 600 bulletproof vests.

Later, we redirected our efforts to meet specific needs. In particular, we managed to deliver several drones, dozens of thermal imagers and generators. An important project was to provide the Main Military Hospital with an ambulance.

At the same time, we saw the need for research in the area of demining. That is why our priority has become a project to automate demining in order to speed up and increase the safety of this process. More details here

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